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2022年1月、雑誌『写真(Sha Shin)』を創刊します。


編集人 ​村上 仁一

180 years after the birth of photography.
With the spread of digital cameras and smartphones after the arrival of the 21st century, we now live in a world where photography is available to everyone and we can communicate freely in all directions. The rise of social media platforms has further changed the environment of photography. We live surrounded by cameras and images, on the edge between the real and the virtual. Photography dominates our everyday surroundings and transforms every other medium.

What are the future possibilities of photography? What is expected of photographic expression in such turbulent times? This is the perfect time to rethink what photography actually is. 

We want to create a magazine that will remain in people’s memories, something physical that speaks to all senses; a magazine that draws out photography’s maximum potential with deep, enriching articles and fascinating images. Yes, sales of books and magazines may be in decline, but does printed matter not remain the best way to view photographs? Is the magazine not still the ideal platform to connect photographers, thinkers and readers, and to create an archive of the present for future generations?

Driven by these convictions and our deep belief in photography,
we will launch “Sha Shin”, a new photography magazine, in January 2022.

Japan and its rich culture of photography have enjoyed a wide range of unique developments that have been preserved until the present day. With each issue of our magazine, we would like to present high-quality works related to Japanese culture, articles that provide a deeper perspective, and all kinds of information about photography. We hope you will join us on our journey.

Murakami Masakazu

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